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Gay alcoholism is often ignored a society that gay alcoholism comes with its own stresses and pressures. Gay alcoholism can seem more complicated to the sufferer who can feel even more alone and isolated from others. Gay alcoholism men and women can find relief in rehabilitation centers who specialize in treating gay alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate but often those gay alcoholism sufferers can feel discrimination when seeking treatment. For this reason, Spencer Recovery Centers have specialized treatment programs to address gay alcoholism.

Alcoholism means having a dependence on alcohol. Alcoholism has been well studied and is recognized by medical communities all over the world as a disease. Like all diseases it has its own symptoms and signs. These symptoms can be easily recognized in yourself or a loved one who might be suffering from alcoholism.

The first symptom is craving. This is marked by strong urgings to drink. This symptom is often described as an obsession of the mind where thoughts are unnaturally preoccupied with obtaining a drink. Such thoughts often are at the exclusion of other thoughts such as family, financial and legal obligations thus making them very dangerous.

Loss of control when drinking is the second symptom of gay alcoholism and straight alcoholism. How many times have you or a loved one said you would only have a couple of drinks only to find yourself once again several hours later drunk after many more drinks than you intended to have.

The inability to stop drinking without consequences is called physical dependence. Physical dependence for those suffering from gay alcoholism is the dangerous third symptom of the body that will go into withdrawal if alcohol is stopped. Withdrawal can mean vomiting, sweating, delirium tremens, sleeping difficulties and anxiety. It is critical to go to a rehabilitation facility like Spencer Recovery Centers that not only specializes in gay alcoholism but has the medical staff and facilities to treat the dangerous condition of withdrawal.

The ability to have more drinks than you used to and able to "hold your liquor" better than your friends is a characteristic of the fourth symptom- tolerance. The mind and body adapt to the large quantities of alcohol and become tolerant of it. This means that it can take more liquor than before to get the same "high." Tolerance adds to the vicious cycle of gay alcoholism in which more is taken to get drunk and physical dependence is increased adding to the loss of control and stronger cravings.

There is hope for gay alcoholism. Spencer Recovery Centers has dedicated itself in part to gay alcoholism in order to make our gay clients feel more at ease during counseling and treatment. Successful treatment of alcoholism includes open and honest communication about all aspects of lifestyle and behavior and our clients feel that sharing with like other gay clients is more effective than straight groups.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, please give us a call today for a confidential consultation.

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