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Gay Counseling

Gay counseling is for homosexual men and women who would benefit from alcohol and drug abuse treatment with gay counseling. Gay counseling is aimed at recovery from the gay perspective. Alcoholism and drug addiction can be difficult to overcome and gay counseling can alleviate some of the extra burden and stress that being gay can create. Counseling and rehabilitation requires complete honesty and openness and gay counseling can help create a safe environment. Many people do not feel completely safe sharing their sexual preference when they don't have gay counseling and often sex and drinking or drugs go together and therefore interferes with recovery.

Spencer Recovery Centers offer gay counseling as a special accommodation to the gay community. We understand that having gay facilities and meetings can be extremely beneficial when trying to recover from drugs and alcohol abuse. No cookie cutter brand of treatment works for all people and customizing treatment for the gay lifestyle has proven to be very effective for recovery. Spencer's treatment program addresses the whole person, not just drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, drinking and using are often symptoms of coping habits that have gone to the extreme. It is important to find a place in recovery where you can be yourself completely and look at your life with an open and honest eye. If you feel any reservation about sharing your lifestyle with other people than this can be a problem and gay counseling can help put you at ease.

Our gay clients find it much easier to share with people who completely understand the lifestyle rather than sharing in a room full of straight people. It is critical to stay in treatment for the recommended period of time and gay counseling makes this easier for our clients. Gay counseling addresses the medical, psychological, and social aspects of the individual and seeks to create new behavior patterns that do not include getting loaded.

Drug and alcohol abuse by themselves are life-threatening conditions that can be further complicated by unsafe sex while drunk or loaded. Alcoholism and drug addiction are progressive diseases whose most successful cure is intervention and abstinence. This is not easy for individuals who have been drinking and using for many years and that is why residential treatment in a continuously monitored facility like Spencer Recover Centers is necessary. Our facilities are fully staffed with medical personnel who can assess HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Gay counseling can also help people who are already infected deal with their disease and addiction.

If you or a loved one is having a problem with alcohol or drugs and could benefit from gay counseling, do give us a call. Recovery can be a long process and it is important to make it as comfortable and effective as possible to have results. Another fortunate aspect of recovery is that the client does not need to be completely willing in the beginning for treatment to work. Our intervention services have brought in many reluctant clients who have been able to open their eyes, see the truth and have remained sober.

We have facilities across the United States and accept most insurance plans. Please give us a call today for a free confidential consultation.

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