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Gay recovery is about getting your life back and finding gay recovery from drugs and alcohol. Gay recovery is an intensive residential drug and alcohol treatment program based on therapeutic counseling and the 12 steps of recovery. This program has been in existence for over 50 years and have evolved from alcohol treatments to various other drugs and now gay recovery. Specific needs of individuals trying to get well have prompted the formation of such a specialized service as gay recovery. Our gay cliental has shared with us from their past experience that being open and honest about themselves and their life in respect to recovery is easier surrounded with people that can fully relate to them.

The life of a drug addict or alcoholic is very complicated. It doesn't matter whether you have a job or not, money or not or a family, the continuous obsession to obtain and use drugs and alcohol becomes consuming. This preoccupation with getting high takes over life to the exclusion of the job, the loved one, the friends, the social activities and even health problems. Many addicts and alcoholics do not even recognize the many problems associated with their drinking or using until the problems have really added up. The purpose for gay recovery is to not add another problem to this list. Rather gay recovery removes the hurdle of prejudice and judgment from the treatment program.

A successful treatment program like the one offered at Spencer Recover Centers includes a comprehensive examination of lifestyle choices and behavior patterns. It is not in the best interest of the client if he or she feels any reservation and cannot be completely honest with his or her counselors and peers. Gay recovery makes this process easier. Group therapy is much more effective when the client knows that fellow patients have an understanding of what he or she is going through. If you are a homosexual man or woman or have a friend that needs treatment, please call Spencer Recover Center's gay recovery today.

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a disease that is progressive and will not stop or go away on its own. Dependency is not easier if you are gay, rich, loved, or employed. This disease will ruin everything you love if you let it. It took some time for your mind and body to become dependent on drugs and it will take some work to get off drugs. Expect to take action every day in rehab and to do some writing examining past choices. Gay recovery is not about being judged or shamed or told that you have done a bad thing. Gay recovery is about getting well, staying well and living the life of your dreams.

We make choices everyday. Sometimes we even feel like drug and alcohol use is a choice we can either make or not make. Rest assured that if you are addicted to drugs and or alcohol you have lost that power of choice. If you have ever tried to stop on your own you already understand this. We hope that you will make the choice today to call us for a confidential consultation and find out more about our program. We can help you if you call us.

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